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The coast around the UK provides some of the best paddling in the world from the stunning beauty of the West Coast of Scotland and Ireland to the challenges of the tide races of Anglesey. Sea kayaking is as much about the journey being self contained and exploring the coast, as seeing the wildlife and getting to places no other craft can get to. Our coaches can guide you to challenging places and give you the skills to start exploring this environment for yourself.

From Beginner to Advanced our members can coach you so you get the most out of your paddling. Many of our members can also train and assess in all levels of coaching and personal performance awards.

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keith Fitzsimmons

North England
Howard Jeffs 07740554618
Kim Bull 07980127832

North Wales
Dave Brown 07702082060
dean Sid Sinfield 07711587756
olly Sanders 07816 842017
Nick Cunliffe 07941135561
Roger Chandler 01248605056
Mark Tozer 07774 246818
Phil Clegg 07973172632

Doug Cooper 01479861256
Gordon Brown 01471820002
Tony Hammock 07881 915936

South Wales
nigel robinson 07952596054

South West England
Andy Stamp 01752586271
Kevin Mansell 07797725979
John -Paul Eatok 07817473810/ 01736759021
Richard Uren 07792466135

John Carmody 207 651-4194 U.S.A

Ali Donald 086 1733610

North Wales
Jim Bradley 07923414420
Keirron Tastagh 07624406655
huw jones 07784 730261

Morag Brown 01471820002

South Wales
Matt Larsson-Clifford 07624313939

Christopher Lockyer 902-843-0370

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