WHITE WATER – Members list

Playing the river or running it, white water kayaking is an exciting sport. Running white water requires not only paddling skills, but also the ability to read water and look after yourself and others in a challenging enviroment. Our coaches can coach you through this, building you up to tackle rivers be it in the UK or Europe.

North England
Nigel Wilford 07941588531 www.kayakcoach.co.uk

Mid Wales
Nigel Garratt 07801 295161

North England
ken Hughes www.kenhughescourses.com
Terry Hailwood 07875747751

North Wales
Ben Lawes 07766917751
Loel Collins 01978 862172
leo hoare 07976938220 www.getafix.com
dave Luke 07968728235
Nick Cunliffe 07941135561
Pete Catterall 07842414750
Dave Torrington 01248600846
adam Harmer 07971189514
Chris Evans 07734033140
Pete Firth 07976732964
Tom Parker 07811829865
Chris Eastabrook 07843098980 www.chriseastabrookcoaching.com
Andy Hall 01341250166 www.OutdoorAdventureConsultancy.co.uk

doug Cooper 01479861256 www.glenmorelodge.org.uk
Dave Rossetter 01786464777 www.standingwaves.co.uk
Gordon Brown 01471820002 www.skyakadventures.com
Andy Jackson www.kayakojacko.com

South England
Richard Watson 07723603937

South Wales
bill Beynon 07970683776 www.wlaplay.co.uk

South West England
Simon Westgarth 07703465338 www.gene17.com/kayaking/
Lee Pooley 0708055420840
Lee Pooley 01752896542 www.internationalcoachingandguiding.co.uk/
Darren Joy 07946 763667 www.fluidskills.com

North England
Carl Turnoch 07764769775

North Wales
Chris Eastabrook 07843098980 www.chriseastabrookcoaching.com
Ross Montandon 07847174135
Daniel Butler 07793051612 www.danbutlercoach.wordpress.com/
Colin Buxton 07912118373 www.creekandclimb.org.uk
Lowri Davies 07810 878738 www.flowfree.co.uk

Donald Macpherson 07808071810 www.explorehighland.com
george fell 07767 027737 www.georgefell.co.uk

South Wales
Jethro Moore 0787123761 www.adventure beyond.co.uk

South West England
gary Peverill 07977234669

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